Understand your shadows! (demons)

BRINGING YOUR SHADOW INTO LIGHT (learn your demons names)


When looking at the “supernatural“ stories, look at them as allegories. It is ALL connected. They most likely convey great messages. Look DEEPER. Go DEEPER. I trust, everything that we can imagine in our minds, however outfar it may seem, exists in some dimension of consciousness.

From Witcher ( TV series)- SPOILER ALERT, don’t read if you have not watched the TV series Witcher and plan on watching it- this text is based solely on the TV series( there are games and books as well)-

The character Yennefer is born as an outcast, distorted in her body with a hunchback and “lollipop” in her mouth. She is actually quarter elf. Her physical appearance causes her lots of trouble and traumas. She is in fear, feeling unworthy, inferior, powerless, a VICTIM.


She hates what she is and what she looks like. All of the traumas cause her to lack trust in her abilities which is clearly seen in the first 2-3 episodes where she is unable to do magic cause she does not trust herself.

Luckily she decides to go past through it in the ways she can. She undergoes a powerful physical transformation and becomes a beauty queen, a new self- on a physical level.

BUT, not only that, she also learns her magic, developing great self-confidence in the field of being attractive and seductive woman as well as a mage.

However, whatever she does she still feels that emptiness within, that unsatisfaction, bitterness, haunted by the ghost of her old self.

The old, distorted, worthless Yennefer has within the powerful, magical, beautiful, new Yennefer only undiscovered. The new, beautiful, magical, powerful Yennefer has within the worthless, distorted, old Yennefer.

Understand your shadows! (demons)

Understand your shadows! (demons)

Both are her. And both are within her. That is what gives her such great power. Her chaos and her grace. Also her pains and her heart.

Her shadows and her light. In the last episode of season 1 we see how her teacher( Tissaia) tells her to let her chaos explode.

While she goes on to do a powerful spell and magic to kill the opposer ( Nilfgaardians) in her mind are the trauma voices of what she was told she is in the past: where are you going poppy girl, we can teach you; she’s no daughter of mine; you horrible useless creature;

Just because you messed up does not mean we will; you horrible useless bitch; I’m sorry you chose power; do you actually have what it takes- all of this actually triggers her pain as well as her power from the depth of her being to create powerful magic and fight for justice.

When evil strikes, strike back!

This is an allegorical representation of our own selves. No matter our traumas, we carry great strength. Don’t you ever doubt that.

Fear can stop you loving
Love can stop your fear.”
~ Morcheeba

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