Connected breathing - way to perfect life

Connected breathing – way to perfect life

Connected breathing – way to perfect life – Energy Breathing, intuitive breathing, rebirthing breath work … is an art and a science.

Connected breathing – way to perfect life

When we connect inhalation and exhalation, we experience the unity of the two opposites. When we experience the union of the inner with the outer breath, we experience the second union of opposites. This is Unity which is in fact a biological, physical experience of God or Divine Energy. This Unity is the Spirit in the Breath.

Conscious control, communicating with this Energy, penetrates to the deepest layers of consciousness. We all have different needs, but we are basically the same. Someone needs to get rid of unconscious tension 5-10-20 years old.

Someone has already released a lot of tension through work on himself and now wants to perfect his existence with a sense of inner completeness, drawing the maximum from life. This game never ends, it just gets more and more interesting.

Connected breathing can be found under the name of circular breathing, rhythmic, intuitive, continuous breathing, revival, holotropic, spiritual breathing.

However, this amazing method has been used in the field of occult sciences before, in performing rituals, mysterious schools. and they revealed it only to the most deserving students.

Today the secret has been revealed so it is regularly used by doctors, lawyers, athletes, psychiatrists, politicians, businessmen, scientists all together enjoying the many benefits.

I often hear: “too good to be true”, this is not surprising because the benefits are extremely unimaginable, astonishing and unusual.

Connected breathing is used to increase energy, eliminate stress, anxiety and depression. It is used to achieve true relaxation or treatment of surviving trauma.

Used to speed up healing after an injury or any illness. It is used to release repressed emotions, to awaken new creative energies, to increase immunity.

Simply relax your body, try 20 free inhalations and 20 exhalations, connected, consciously in one rhythm, feel the exhale melt into the inhale and the inhale melt into the exhale.

There are no breaks or vacations. See how every brake disappears .. new consciousness appears .. new thoughts, feelings, emotions come to the surface.

Connected conscious breathing is quite a simple and at the same time very powerful method that reaches the deepest layers of consciousness while healing the body and soul by expelling all repressed.

Especially – negative emotions such as depression, deep sadness, anger, aggression, hatred that do not allow the individual to live life freely in full form.

During the session, strong feelings of deep well-being and fulfillment occur in the individual, and fortunately, all the psycho-physical blockades that kept him pressed and unable to live his own potential disappear at the same time.

This extremely simple formula in the world has been successfully used by about 10 million people to treat: – migraine, osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis – asthma, meningitis, sinusitis – heart problems. Any stomach problems – infections and inflammation – diseases of the sexual organs – balancing of hormones, work of glands, senses, organs.

The main cause of cell mutation and cancer and tumor formation are too acidic (Ph) condition of the organism and oxygen deficiency, during one session the body is flooded with oxygen and it is successful used in thousands of sufferers even of these diseases of modern times.

The inventor Leonard Orr guarantees that with a few dozen sessions even AIDS is extremely successfully treated !!! Our mission is to reset the life impulse accompanied by true satisfaction from our own emotions in the right way.

After one or more sessions, a new person emerges with quite positive changes: – several times increased immunity and the body’s ability for self-healing – deep calm and harmony with oneself and the environment.

Full energy and liveliness throughout the day – increased ability to face with stress-oriented problems, situations – stabilization and centrality in the present moment.



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