The secret techniques of seeing beyond – part 1

The secret techniques of seeing beyond: Seeing beyond is a term in parapsychology that describes the process in which the psychologically gifted person watches some sort of an astral television based on the program he/she chose.

This process allows the good trained far beyond seer ( remote observer) to focus on his mental screen where the psychic visions begin to appear and the observer uses mental effort to catch those psychological  images that are actually astral reflection of places that he/she wants to observe.

Mental screen

This ability is connected with the human third eye that allows the mind to see things that are invisible to the human physical eye. The simplest definition for seeing beyond is- observing the physical, etheric and astral area without leaving the physical body.

In the first stadiums of developing this wonderful ability, many anomalies may appear in the observance that can easily affect the whole experience, distorting the real image of some sought area.

This is because the newby, focused on the scanning of some area is not yet able to keep his mind objective and often becomes emotionally attached to his individual feelings and opinions in regards to the things he/she is observing. These individual feelings and opinions will have major influence on the weak and ambiguous astral reflections, which surely will lead to their distort or even will cause observance of some other area which will much better fit the suppressed desires of the observer.

Because of this the student that is just beginning his training, must learn how to turn off his personal feelings and opinions if he/she wants to succeed in mastering the skill of seeing beyond.

Vibrations of other dimensions

In other words, in the beginning, the person must become empty receiver that is in condition to accept large amounts of information without classifying, filtrating or analyzing it. At this stage the student should just remember the seen astral images which will show on the mental screen and then he will learn new approach to analyzing.

It is very important to know that all of these etheric and astral radiations that are passing through the mental screen are enabled through the third eye which projects them directly in the mind. Any illusive physical location becomes visible to the third eye if the mind is able to dive in the depths of the etheric and astral atomic structure and stay there long enough.

Very important thing to be understood is that the etheric and astral areas are infinite areas filled with limitless radiations. Because of this, the mental screen at the beginning is overwhelmed with hundreds of other reflections that are coming in these spheres in forms of psychic images and visions.

Anyways, based on my personal experience with regards to the radiations that are appearing in front of the mental screen, I am fully convinced that in most cases their origin is to be found in the astral sphere and rarely in the etheric one. I know it seems contradictory since the closest sphere to the physical is the etheric one and not the astral but this is what I concluded after some time. This is because the human third eye better absorbs the sensitive images that are coming from the astral plane rather then those that are coming from the etheric one which is mostly filled with vital energy.

Every student must clearly understand that seeing beyond is a skill which is hard to acquire and control. Time is required before he/she is able to select and control the astral radiations from the desired area from the infinite number of other astral radiations that exist in the astral area.


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