The secrets of seeing beyond – Control of the third eye (part 2)

The secrets of seeing beyond – Control of the third eye

To make a good result, in the very beginning the human mind must become a clear mental space that is opened to all astral radiations, coming from the astral area. Then, using the third eye, the student must learn how to focus his/her mind on the set goal and at the same time block out all other psychic images that are visible on the mental screen.

Control of the third eye

This stage of the training on seeing beyond is very hard to pass. Regardless, if the correct way of mental training is known, in time and with constant practice, this stage will be passed. Long ago, I had great difficulties to pass this stage, therefore I will try to explain how this process works:

“ Before the student tries to see beyond, he/ she must first learn to create mental forms, shapes and images in places of his/her mind, using his/her ability for visualization and concentration. Then he/she must learn to keep them frozen as long as he/she wants to, without allowing them to disappear from the mental screen. In the beginning stage of the process of mental creation, the observer must become skilled to keep his selected goal of his imagination.

To better achieve that, big help can be drawing the place/object on white paper, that he/she wants to observe, 30 times, and practicing visualization of it in the mind 10-15 minutes a day, at least 7 days. In other words, this will allow the observer to absorb the image of the sought area deep in the etheric materia under the astral plane.

Anyways, after several days of practicing the exercises, the student should place him or herself in a nice comfortable sitting or half-sitting position in a quiet and isolated place. The absence of external noises will allow him/her to work in peace and silence.

After that, the potential beyond seer should close his/her eyes and pay attention to his/her mental screen. At this stage, the observer does not have to imagine or enforce mental creation of some sort, rather to become silent observer of the dark area that is visible in front of his/hers closed eyes.

Astral television

The effects will be very similar to watching a movie in cinema. The only difference is that the screen will be in the head of the student. As I mentioned earlier, the secret lies in becoming a silent observer without emotional attachment with the things that will be appearing on the mental screen. In time in the dark area in front of the closed eyes, many astral reflections will start flying in and the student must make a mental effort to remember them.

The training with ZENER? Cards ???. The constant concentration upwards, focusing on the third eye, can help in awakening of the third eye ( Ajna chakra) and as a result, the mental screen will become clearer.

To be clear, at the beginning, in front of the eyes of the student only darkness will be visible, which in time will become foggy and later on, as the third eye is opening more and more, the area in front of the closed eyes will become open mental screen in which the astral images will become apparent. It is interesting to note that the third eye is the one which does all the work, whereas the mind is only a controller of the whole process.

Anyways, it is not necessary the student to visualize the third eye as a sparkle or to visualize how it shapes into a form of a circle, triangle etc, but just to stay a passive observer of the astral visions that are floating in his/her mind. “

Here is how the darkness is changing in front of the mental screen:

From the depths of the darkness of the mental screen, slowly but surely, some vague figures and contuores will begin to appear. In time, the student will notice the formation of a vague image that will disappear in a second. Afterwards, if the mind of the student stays calm and completely focused on the mental screen, without any emotional attachments, other images will begin to appear.

At the beginning, the colours of these images will be ambiguous and in many cases black and white but as time goes by, those will start becoming clearer. The duration of these images will vary and will mostly depend on the will of the student to keep or reject them from his/her mental screen. Later on, when the beyond seer will achieve advanced level of psychic observation, the images will start appearing in clear colours.

At the time when the student achieves that, in his/her mind he/she will begin to hear sounds that will be connected with that astral vision which momentarily appears in his/hers mental screen. At the end, the images and the sounds will become perfectly clear for the observer. When that begins to happen, the student will intuitively know that he/she has achieved the level in which he/she can seek his/hers goal.

The whole process, at this stage will appear to the student as if someone is presenting him/her endless series of images of people, animals, places, houses, building, the universe, oceans and seas, images from other era and so on.

With time and practice, these images will become moving images. At this stage, the candidate for seeing beyond is faced with yet another difficult task. That is the development of the ability to freeze an image and to analyze it without it disappearing from the mental screen.

The analytical process should be strictly mental- without the use of thoughts and without any emotional answer. If this is not conducted this way, the sensitive image will disappear from the mental screen.

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