Subtle analyzing

Subtle analyzing – The secrets of seeing beyond – part 3

Subtle analyzing – The secrets of seeing beyond

If the student is able to reach this point of observation of the astral radiations, I can propose, to inspect the astral radiations using subtle level of consciousness.

Subtle analyzing

Under the statement “subtle level” I mean of consciousness in the consciousness- one other different consciousness, without the knowledge that the student mind exists, will slowly walk forward and take up the lead role.

To clarify: it is about one other consciousness which exists in the normal consciousness and observes, filtrates and analyzes all data coming and going from the mental screen on the beyond screen.

In other words, the beyond seer adapts to this new part of the consciousness and when that is reached, he/she can easily think and choose in way that is high and subtle, without even touching the sensitive astral images.

The next thing to do is focus on the searched area that wants to be observed and in few moments, it will appear to the eyes of the observer.

Locating the desired area

Once the beyond seer succeeds in reaching the astral radiation of the sought area, he/she will be able to easily move and observe everywhere, with little use of mental effort. Here is an example how the process should be executed:

Let’s imagine that on the mental screen of the student an image of an apartment had appeared. The student in order to succeed with the far beyond observation of the apartment, must use sufficient mental effort to reach the mental screen in such a way that he draws the image to his third eye.

During this process the mind of the observer must stay completely still and under no conditions to become emotionally attached to the image because if he/she becomes emotional, the sensitive image will be replaced with another one that will much more fit his emotional state.

Therefore, the next step is to locate the astral reflection of the desired goal and to freeze it on the mental screen. Once the student succeeds in this, he/she must draw the image close to his/her third eye, using strong mental effort to put it in the image.

Balance between the two forces

In other words, the student should magnetically draw the image within and at the same time should force himself (mentally) without and to walk in the image.

The secret at this stage lies in the balance between two of these forces- the external one which the student draws within and the internal which he pushes outside. Once the student reaches this he/she will be able to observe the other rooms of the apartment.

In the beginning the student will meet certain problems when he/she will want to move in some direction. In most cases, if the moving procedure is not executed properly, the observation will be transferred to completely other place.

The trick is this:

The student that had chosen for example to move right in the apartment, should start attracting the movement towards his third eye and at the same time to press his consciousness to move right.

This will surely lead to bio- location of the consciousness, which is why the beyond seer must remain at the midpoint between the apartment and his mental screen.

If the bio- location is too weak, the whole process of seeing beyond will not be clear and if it is too strong it will cause astral projection in the apartment.

Because the main point of the seeing beyond is observation of faraway areas without leaving the physical body, the student with help of the third eye should keep his mind not further then the outside border of the mental screen. In other words, the mind of the observer should not be neither too deep nor too shallow.

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