Who was Jesus Christ? - introduction

Who was Jesus Christ? – introduction (part I)

Who was Jesus Christ? – introduction: We can say that there are a lot of famous people on this planet. Some of them are well known in their city or in their own country. Others are known all over the world. However, just because we know the name of a celebrity does not mean that we really know it. We probably don’t know what characteristics she has, nor do we know the details of her life.

Who was Jesus Christ? – introduction

Although Jesus Christ lived on earth about 2,000 years ago, almost everyone has heard of him. However, it is not clear to many who he really was. Some say he was just one good man. Others think he was a prophet. And some believe that Jesus is God and should be worshiped. What would you say?

The main sources of information about the life of Jesus are the four canonical gospels that were included in the Bible (the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). According to these gospels, the life of Jesus can be reconstructed to some extent.

Jesus was born in the Jewish city of Bethlehem. His parents were Mary and Joseph, a carpenter. It is believed that he was conceived sinlessly and that the angel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary to tell her that she would give birth to the Son of God.

Mary and Joseph had to leave their native Bethlehem because of the order of Octavian Augustus, and the birth of a child found them on the road, in an inn. As there were no free rooms, the child was born in a barn, and immediately after birth, he was placed in a manger, which fulfilled the wooden prophecy about the birth of the Son of God.

His birth was marked by miraculous signs in heaven, accompanied by three sages who came to worship him and bring gifts. According to Matthew, the family lived in Egypt until Herod’s death, after which they settled in Nazareth to escape life under the rule of Herod’s son Archelaus (Matthew 2: 1-12). to 33 years. There is no reliable information about the years in between, although there are opinions that Jesus spent that time in India.

We learn from the Gospels that John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the year 30, and this event is considered the beginning of Christ’s public ministry. On that occasion, according to the Gospels, Heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove, and a voice was heard from heaven: “You are my loving son, who is according to my will.”

After his baptism, Jesus went to the wilderness, where he fasted for 40 days. The devil came to him three times in the form of various temptations, but Christ came out victorious.
He performed various miracles for Jesus during his ministry, including turning water into wine, walking on water, miraculous healings, as well as raising Lazarus from the dead and bringing him back to life.

Christ said that he did not come to serve him, but to serve and to give his soul as a ransom for many others. He was followed by 12 disciples, the apostles, who later spread his teachings to non-Jewish nations. Jesus preached love, goodness, and forgiveness, using allegories and parables to bring sublime ideas closer to the ordinary listener.

At the height of the service, thousands of people came to listen to him. Jesus spoke of the Divine Love which is unconditional and immeasurable. The most famous of these speeches is the Sermon on the Mount.
On one occasion, he took the three apostles – Peter, John and James – to the mountain with him, to pray together. While they were there, Jesus was transfigured before them – his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became radiant.

A voice was heard from heaven: “This is my kind son, who is according to my will.” Soon Christ began to warn the disciples of his coming death and resurrection.

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