Diving into the depths of our being

Diving into the depths of our being (deepest secrets of meditation revealed) – part 2

Diving into the depths of our being: In the previous section we talked about the basic secrets of meditation. We will now dive deeper to learn more about meditation and what actually happens.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Do not wage war on them. You just have to turn them off. Do not pay attention to them and soon when their “opponent” will disappear and the “mental storms” will disappear.

Diving into the depths of our being (deepest secrets of meditation revealed)

Diving into the depths of our being

When the thoughts that cause obstacles in trying to attain inner peace disappear, your mind will become clear and in a position to dive deeper in the search for union with your spirit. The only thing that can help you gain the true experience of your meditative quest is to seek the goodness in your heart.
Always be aware of the fact that the spirit can be found only in the light that radiates from a pure heart … so, there is no “secret formula” or any hidden psychic move that can help get there, but only deep and a sincere quest driven by the impulses of cosmic love coming straight from one’s pure heart.
By following this simple rule, you will know that you are always diving in the right direction, so analytically speaking, the “secret” lies in the bypass – playing (bypassing) your mind.

Simply “skip” it as if it does not exist and as if you are on a completely empty surface, and consciously dive deeper and deeper until the light coming from the depths of your inner world becomes visible to you. That is what true meditation is all about. In time, your deep and sincere search for your spirit will bear fruit, and that reunion will change you forever.

Diving into the depths of our being

Once you achieved that, you’ll never be the same as before. You will no longer be guided by your lower nature and you will become aware of who you really are, you will be at peace, all beings will breathe through you and you will breathe through each of them.
Deep down you will feel the “universal contact” with each of them. This type of spiritual evolution can only be achieved through true meditation.
As I mentioned above, meditation is a wonderful thing that can help us achieve many things. Yoga is full of different meditation techniques designed to achieve different goals.
However, as a long-time meditation practitioner, I have concluded that many of these techniques are, and many are incompatible  with a person living in a modern environment. To that end, here I can add two meditation techniques that are compatible with any person living a “modern” lifestyle:
– Meditation for achieving inner peace
– Meditation for energy absorption

1. Meditation for achieving inner peace

The first meditative method will teach you how to achieve inner peace and how to develop your inner awareness. With time and constant practice, this inner peace will come to the surface and will remain there. It will also bring you a higher level of spiritual awareness – which will also lead you to a more subtle and constructive way of life.

The method itself is a solid “background” for all furthermore advanced meditative experiences. Once you  completely “mastered” this method, you will surely be ready for most of the other meditation techniques.

2. Meditation for energy absorption

The second meditation technique will teach you how to increase your bioenergy level by absorbing the greater amount of free energy present in the natural bioenergy field, which exists all around you.
Over time, the application of this technique will bring you constant awareness that everything moves with the help of energy that floats everywhere, in everyone, and in everything around us.
The method itself is a solid preparation in case any of you manage to awaken the latent Kundalini energy. Using this method can very easily trigger the awakening of some more subtle psychic abilities – including the awareness that we all sail or “move” every hour, minute, or second through a natural bioenergy field that surrounds us, is just the beginning.

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