Learn to meditate (deepest secrets of meditation)

Learn to meditate (deepest secrets of meditation) – part 1

Learn to meditate (deepest secrets of meditation): Almost everyone has heard of meditation. The process by which the human being dives into the depths of his own essence is called meditation. Simply put, meditation is the freedom to explore altered states of consciousness. Meditation itself can be as “easy” as soft relaxation or as deep as the ocean bottom – all depending on the human being’s ability to “manipulate” these altered states of consciousness.

There are so many achievements that meditation can provide, but not all of them can be achieved through one meditation method alone. When talking about meditation itself, the real picture is that there are many meditation methods that are divided depending on the goal that the meditator should achieve.
Despite all this, no matter how many different meditation methods there are, they all have the same starting point – a calm and focused consciousness. In my life, I have met so many people who meditate almost every day and I can safely emphasize that almost every person has their own unique vision and definition for what is actually meditation.

Learn to meditate (deepest secrets of meditation)
Maybe it is a simple result of so many meditation schools or directions that are present in the world. However, I have met only a few people who, modestly speaking, are true masters of meditation and a real treasure of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
Relatively speaking, most meditation schools have one thing in common: meditation teachers explain the experience from their own point of view, which is determined by their level of spiritual development.

On the other hand, very often it does not take the aspirant (student) deeper than the middle levels of his mind, into which he entered through a relatively deep state of relaxation.
This is so simple due to the fact that many meditative teachers focus their training only on the mind, forgetting that the true “I” of the human being is not his mind, but his spirit.

A real approach to meditation

Learn to meditate (deepest secrets of meditation)

The only real approach to meditation is one in which we are constantly aware that the only permanent or eternal thing in us is our spirit, not our mind. Because as you can see throughout life our mind, as well as our body, experiences constant changes.
In every new incarnation that the soul makes, we have a new physical body as new clothing, which is born as a baby, grows as a boy/girl, becomes a man/woman, and ages until it becomes incompatible to be the bearer of the soul.
Each stage of the transformation of the physical body is accompanied by a changeable mind, which, depending on age, thinks one way or another. With the arrival of the next stage, the mind changes its point of view by recognizing deeds all that time “wrong” in relation to many things and begins to build a “new surface” on which his new understanding of the world will be placed.
The spirit always remains the same. Aside from the physical body and mind, the spirit observes their changes and accumulates their experiences.
Hidden deep inside, he remains silent as a dumb witness until the human being begins to recognize that his true essence is his spirit and not his mind or his physical body.
Therefore, in order to reach those depths within ourselves where our spirit is, we need something to get there. This thing is called meditation. Figuratively speaking, during meditation, there are many “obstacles” that prevent us from further diving deeper into the depths of our inner world where our spirit is located.
Sometimes it is very difficult for a beginner to understand the nature of meditation itself because in most cases it does not exist physically.
It seems to the beginner that meditation is based on individual experience, which to some extent is true. Therefore, the first step one takes is to focus the mind with the intention of calming or calming it, but it soon becomes known that it is full of mental storms, which do not allow it to be subdued by the use of mental force.
Every time the student tries to “subdue” them, they become wilder, which also hinders the meditation even more.

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