Test: Choose one of the three angels

Test: Choose one of the three angels and receive a powerful divine message!

Test: Choose one of the three angels and receive a powerful divine message!

Which image resonates with you? Look carefully at these three angels and choose the one that attracts you the most – he has a message for you! Once you have made your selection, read your message below.

Angels directly affect the spiritual nature of human relationships and offer us peace, serenity and harmony. Through a deep connection with them, we can find comfort, help, and inspiration to accept ourselves, forgive, and be reconciled.

Angels through their energy and light provide us with the love and protection we need and nurture our soul to give us the strength we need to find our inner power.

Choose an angel and read the message he has prepared for you.

1. Angel of trust

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When you are a victim of negative, destructive and cynical thoughts, do not pretend that everything is fine, but take off the blindfold that blinds you from your eyes and heart and start believing in life and in yourself.

Trust is a key ingredient of happiness. Don’t let doubt and fear capture you. Trust gives us the courage to move forward and take some risks that we would not otherwise be able to take.

On the contrary, when we do not trust, we always choose the safest and least demanding option, for fear of suffering and mistakes.

Trust the angel of trust who will help you open your heart and mind to the goodness of life and trust everything he can offer you.

Trust in the divine power, made of goodness and love, which guides and protects you.

2. Guardian angel of service

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If you have chosen this angel, you probably need to understand at this point the true meaning of learning and knowledge, how to provide it to others, and the satisfaction that comes from receiving.

If you are, on the other hand, a soul who puts yourself in the service of others, the guardian angel offers you energy, contacts and resources so that you can change people’s lives and thus make our planet a better place.

With your talents and your good will, you can also improve your place in the Universe.

Summon this Angel whenever you feel tired or helpless.

He is by your side to help you overcome difficulties.

3. Angel of eternal love

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The angel of love brings a clear message to all those who have chosen the third image: Love is eternal and once it enters our heart it cannot be lost.

If you suffer from the loss of love (divorce, sadness), know that with every love experience the soul expands and develops. It was as if love had been injected into her.

When we lose someone close to us, love does not diminish: it stays with us, becomes a part of us, and contributes to our spiritual evolution.

This angel brings comfort and offers you the awareness that love can cross the boundaries of one life and never die.

Invoke this Angel to help you get rid of the fear that love is limited.

The love you bring into yourself stays in your soul forever.

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