TEST: Your favorite color says a lot about you – Blue is loved by the wise…

TEST: Your favorite color says a lot about you : “What is your favorite color?” Is a question that has been with us since early childhood. Perhaps as children we subconsciously knew that by discovering someone’s favorite color we learn much more about that person.

Whether it’s an energetic orange or a soothing blue, choosing colors can help you understand someone’s character.

Betty Wood, author of The Healing Power of Color (free translation: The Healing Power of Color), reveals what our favorite colors say about ourselves.


White is a symbol of purity, innocence and naivety – often associated with youth. If you are an older person, your choice of white color can mean that you crave perfection and unattainable ideals.

You may even want to regain lost youth and freshness. Also, white symbolizes the desire for simplicity.


This color represents strength, health and vitality. It is often chosen by extroverted, aggressive and impulsive people – or those who would like to achieve these qualities. It connects with ambitious natures, determined to take advantage of everything they can from life.

I can judge people quickly and choose the side they will side with. “Red people” are usually optimists who find it difficult to tolerate monotony; they are restless and may be unaware of their own shortcomings. They find it difficult to achieve an objective attitude, so they can blame others for any misfortunes, even though they may be part of the problem themselves.

Silent people who prefer red may have a need for warmth, strength and other characteristics of this color. Red is usually the color of those with open and simple natures who love life.


Difficult experiences probably shaped “chestnut people” into generous and likeable people. Usually this color adorns people who have gone through hard struggles through life, but still managed to “get out”.

It can denote disciplined “red” people – who have matured as a result of various life experiences.


This color embodies the gentler characteristics of red, symbolizing love and feelings without passion. Women who prefer pink have maternal preferences. Pink means protection, special attention and situated life.

Also, “Pink People” are looking for love and like to feel safe, they may even want to look delicate and fragile. “Pink people” want to be charming and gentle, maybe a little undefined.


This is the color of luxury and people who like to pamper themselves. Orange is usually chosen by very social people who like to have fun. “Orange people” are usually very popular and are good-natured, although sometimes they can be a little too dramatic.

Sometimes they can be a little fickle and indecisive, but in the end they still try to agree with others about something. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.


The color of happiness, wisdom and imagination. It is often chosen by adventurous people who crave something new and self-fulfillment. It usually goes well with cheerful people who have a good sense of humor but also a sense of work.

Yellow means the intellect and everything connected with the mind – therefore “yellow persons” are most often precise thinkers who have their own opinion about everything and the mind is full of many ideas. Sometimes they may even seem irresponsible because they often prefer to choose the freedom of their thoughts and actions.


The color of harmony and balance, green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace. It is often preferred by people of a calm and sincere nature. “Green people” usually think for the community, they are social, but they still prefer peace at all costs.

Sometimes they are easy to exploit because they are humble, patient and do not put themselves first. They are usually civilized, fine and of good repute.


Soft, compassionate and caring color. It means deprivation of liberty and introspection, conservatism and obligations. “Blue people” are often admired for their strong character and wisdom.

Their traits are also; patience, perseverance, conscientiousness and self-control. They are usually quite loyal and faithful people, but sometimes they can be suspicious and get into conflicts because of their inflexible attitudes.


Demanding, discriminating, calm and attractive, the blue-green color adorns a sensitive person, with a pronounced intellect, a stable character and a distinctive personality. “Blue-green people” have great taste and are usually polite, kind and capable.

They often refuse any guidance or even advice.

Complex, imaginative and original color. “Turquoise people” usually choose the harder way and may look cold on the outside, while various turmoils are actually taking place inside them.

Lavender color

This color is usually chosen by people who live “on a high leg”, never notice anything dark and mundane, and are always flawless and nicely dressed.

People who prefer this color always avoid getting their hands dirty even though they have uplifted and noble intentions. They are usually creative, charming, civilized and witty.


People who prefer purple can be described as a little “different” – they are individuals, and they are adorned with ingenuity, sensitivity and a desire to be unique and – different from others. They are temperamental and usually talented in art.

When misunderstood they can become sarcastic. If you choose purple, you strive to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, and to achieve high positions in society.


“Brown people” are adorned with endurance and patience. They strive to be of a solid character, conscientious, independent, reliable and conservative. They are not impulsive and sometimes they even lack a little tact.

They love responsibility, they are kind and you can rely on them. If you choose brown, be careful not to become too unyielding and stubborn.


Gray is the color of caution and compromise. “Gray people” are usually calm and composed and often work hard even without a reward. Younger people who choose gray seem to withdraw from life, suppressing their personality.

In old age, “gray people” like their lives to run smoothly with a few minor ups and downs. People who choose gray can often be “workaholics” who put in a lot of work.


Black is dignified and impressive without being intrusive.

People who choose black want to leave a somewhat mysterious impression, and their choice of black can mean the suppression of desires and worldly goals suggesting their inner depth and undiscovered desires.

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