Have a mole on your stomach? Here’s what you must know?!?

Have a mole on your stomach? Here’s what you must know?!? The Chinese believe that the position of young people on the body provides insight into the human personality, state of mind, health, but also the future. Simon Wong, an expert in Chinese astrology, says that the analysis of the position of young people is very often used in Chinese medicine as well.

– The analysis helps to create the mental and physical profile of the patient, in order to help establish the diagnosis and treatment – he said.

Chinese astrologers believe that chi (energy in certain parts of the face or body) is more active at different ages, and that its peak is depicted as a healthy youth on the body.

Here is what the place where you have youth on your body, according to Chinese belief, says about your personality:


A young man in the middle of your forehead says that you are someone who has problems with authority and does not get along well with superiors or parents. Young people on the side are characterized by concentration and energy.

If the youth hides under the eyebrow, it symbolizes wealth or abundance. Young people who are “hiding” are a sign of even greater wealth. If it is above the eyebrow, it means that a constant inflow of money and a secure income awaits you in life.

If the youth is on the lid, he is a symbol of discord in the family and constant loss of money. If it is under the eye, it means that the person who owns it is very emotional.

Young people on their cheeks characterize lonely people and those who cannot settle down and start a family. If it is close to the nose, as is the case with Merlin Monroe, it can indicate a difficult fate.

In Chinese astrology, ears signify character, so youth on the ears is associated with a good personality and reputation. Inside the ear means long life, at the top it means intelligence. Young people in both ears are a sign of great influence.

The youth on the tip of the nose indicates love problems and instability, while the one on the bridge of the nose, ie the nasal bone, indicates trouble. The youth on that part of the nose also symbolizes the workaholic. Young people from abroad are mostly people who have good money, but also those who are said to make two dinars.

The youth on the beard is a symbol of stubbornness and perseverance, but it is associated with a desire for change or a constant desire to travel.

If the youth is above the upper lip, that position is associated with a privileged life. The youth under the lower lip is a sign that your children will be successful in life.

According to Chinese astrology, the neck connects spiritual and physical life. Youth in that place interrupts the flow of energy and can mean disappointment. If he is in the middle of the door, then he is associated with a wild character who can hurt close people.

The youth on the forearms indicates compassionate people, and the one on the upper arms shows that you are great with money.

The youth on the chest symbolizes power, a high position in society or in the profession. If the youth is on the nipples, it means that your children will be successful in life.

aaaand finally: Stomach 🙂

The closer the youth is to the navel, the more happiness you will have in life.

People with a mole on the right stomach earn handsomely and win over women easily. People with a mole on their left side of the stomach tend to be selfish and they may be after “easy” money!

They are generally people who are lucky to possess agricultural land. A mole around the navel represents luxurious life! Such people may be loose talkers.


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