3 Types of People you should AVOID in life!

Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t deserve your time and energy.

Relationships are undoubtedly the most important part of life. Interactions with other people shape and influence our experience. The development of our minds and souls depends on the people we are surrounded by in this life.

There are many different universal archetypes of friends that appear in our lives.

For example, there is a friend who is a good listener, a friend who always sees the bright side, a friend who is never afraid to tell the truth…

But for every useful archetypal personality, there is also the negative one that needs to be looked out for.

There are certain ‘types’ of people who just shouldn’t be welcome in your energy field if you want to live a happy life.

If you want to make the most of this life, surround yourself with people who develop positive values in you.

Pay attention to these types of people, because you can save yourself a lot of bad experiences.

3 Types of People you should AVOID in life!:

1. Manipulator

This type of person is very deceptive and deceptive enough to make you think he is not deceptive. For some reason, something in them energetically smells false, but they are so convincing that they often deceive your instinctive judgment. Their goal is to get into your life, earn your trust, and then use you for what they want, whatever I say. It could be your money, sex, your popularity, or just loving someone around your little finger.

The key is to trust your intuition. If you have a feeling that ‘something stinks’ there, there is usually a good reason for it.

2. The bully

The word speaks for itself. This person gets a strange form of fulfillment from watching other people suffer. By belittling others, she develops a sense of self-worth and affirms her own superiority. People are bullies because for some reason they suffer deep down. If they can make someone else feel bad, they feel less bad about themselves.

The key to dealing with people like this is that nothing they say or do should be taken seriously. They are fighting a battle with themselves, not with you.

3. Ego-maniac

It’s a person who hangs out with you just because it contributes to her own image of herself. They want, in the eyes of others, to be considered people with a certain status and if they think that hanging out with you will help them improve their social identity, they will never leave your side. Until they decide that hanging out with you no longer serves their ego.

They are not really interested in friendship. They are interested in increasing your personal identity through you.

You love yourself enough to not allow such people to be a part of your life. Let your intuition be a compass to help you make decisions in life. If your internal judgment mechanism shows you red, don’t ignore those feelings. Step back and look for relationships that suit you and that serve you for the right purposes.

Life is too short to spend it with people who don’t deserve your time and energy.

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