What Is Your Archetype? (Free Reading Reveals Your Personality, Innate Talents, And Hidden Weaknesses)

What Is Your Archetype? – It is one of the principles of human existence that we are all inclined to “be” in a certain way – and then cling to that identity. But where do these original definitions come from? Below, Carder Stout, a Jungian psychotherapist practicing in Los Angeles, explains their ancestral origins – and what we can do to serve them, not hinder them.

What Is Your Archetype?

The wisdom of archetypes

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You’re at a cocktail party, and someone is describing an incident that resonates fully with you. You listen carefully because it almost feels like your story. The similarities with your own life are strange. You were there. Actually there.

You understand the specificity of her difficult situation. You feel connected and share an unspoken kinship with her emotional state. You think to yourself, “That seems weird. Have I had an accurate conversation yet? Do I have déja vu?” No, you’re not going crazy. In fact, there is a simple explanation for this powerful moment – you are connecting with the archetype.

Ah yes, archetypes. Many of us instinctively know their meaning, but it would be difficult to define them. Archetypes are universal patterns of energy that reflect our shared human experience, transcending time, place, and even language.

Appearing in many different forms – from the most bitter faces of our humanity to the darkest and scariest – archetypes allow us to express and understand the stories of our lives. Through them we tell stories of our tragedies and victories; our weaknesses and strengths; and life lessons that are part of the evolution of our soul. So when we talk about common patterns of thinking, feeling, believing, or behaving, we mean archetypes.

There are five universal archetypes that strongly illustrate this phenomenon: Puella / Puer, Sacrifice, Fighter, Savior and Martyr. As you read a brief summary of each, look to see if you identify with any of the characteristics and their inherent lessons.

Puella / Puer

Puella (Puer is a man) is a child in you who is forever young – never wanting to grow old. Puella is playful, adventurous and even heartless. People with pronounced Puella preferences spend more time drawing books than reading and studying them. They like to dream about future scenarios in which they are blissfully relieved of responsibility. Puellas are often creative and express themselves best through their artistic nature. Whether engaged in a profession or a hobby, Puellas are often actors, musicians, dancers, poets and painters who get lost in the magic and promise of their art.

However, as the puella grows, children’s energy can keep them captive. Puellas often experienced some form of abuse or neglect by their primary caregivers. Maybe they were raised by narcissistic parents and didn’t get the attention and love needed to flourish. Therefore Puellas can create an imaginary place to retreat into life when life feels irresistible. Puellas distracts the adult world, which seems too complicated, challenging and relentless.

Yet, even though they rebel against the natural arc of their psychological development, the demands and pressures of the real world eventually remove them. They reach a critical point where they have to choose between themselves and adults. If they remain stuck in the boundary space between them, Puella feels lost, misunderstood, and ultimately suppressed by the appearance of growing up.

The victim

According to the victim, the world is an unjust place where feelings, needs and desires are ignored or undesirable. The victim expects to be devalued, whether from family members, friends, or society as a whole, other than simply knowing how they feel being abused and abused. Victims find it difficult to defend themselves and rarely speak on their own behalf.

They keep their emotions to themselves, and the quiet anger they feel often mutates into a depressed state of existence. Victims do not have a developed sense of who they are and suffer from low self-esteem. Deep down, they believe they deserve to be treated badly, but it still frustrates and hurts them.

Victims envy others and compare their current challenges with people they feel are more fortunate. They do not understand or believe that they are playing a role in their own destiny and that is why they are pointing the finger at the perpetrators of injustice.

Victims seek compassion, where possible, negotiate with other victims living under the same shore of dark clouds. “Misery loves company” is one of their mottos. Victims never sincerely take responsibility, but instead blame others for their misfortune – blaming parents, bosses, partners, their children, friends, society, government or the imperfect world for their troubles.


The archetype of the fighter is present in people who are constantly going against the grain. Fighters believe in a cause (or two) and want their point to be heard. If their opinion differs even the slightest from yours, they will let you know.

Fighters hold their beliefs to be true (“as it is”) and will often vehemently explain their position to ensure you understand and ultimately agree with them. Fighters do not retreat and are known to take action based on their beliefs.

On the plus side, it’s wonderful to have Fighter in your corner if you want to achieve something, but there won’t be calm at the heart of their storm of activity. Kiss the serenity when the Fighter is in your immediate circle. They often try to show or prove their strength by psychological and / or physical dominance.

But beneath that one feels disconnected and sad. As a defense mechanism used to hide their truly fragile nature, fighters often fire out their rage. Needless to say, they are not the easiest romantic partners, who often show their aggression on the “domestic battlefield”.

While fighters usually work hard to develop their intellectual resources, they often deviate from their spiritual nature. Much like the Victim, the fighters are overwhelmed. But instead of retreating in defeat, they push with the certainty that they must reach the top of the mountain and plant their flag.

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The savior

The saving archetype accepts people who are naturally inclined to caregivers. The savior was overwhelmed by the desire to be useful and always reliable in a crisis. Saviors often express their condolences to those in need and are often overly involved in the lives of others.

Saviors define themselves through their philanthropic activities and believe that their hearts are guided only by noble intentions. Saviors do not want credit for their selfless behavior because acts of benevolence give them a sense of fulfillment that far exceeds their need for credit.

They run into the needs and problems of their friends and family and usually neglect their own lives. They often arrest or abandon their own psychological and emotional growth in order to be fully available on the front lines of those they love.

This is an avoidance technique that stems from the unconscious to protect them from resolving unresolved traumas within the depths of their own psyche. Rescuers are usually burdened with unremembered wounds from the past that are deeply buried. It is easier to focus on the lives of those around them than to face the paralyzing fear of turning to old pain.

Rescuers can be extremely supportive of parents, partners and friends, but they suffer when they are alone. Saviors are addicted by nature and cannot find happiness on their own merits. It is only through their relationships with others that they find the illusion of joy.

A martyr

The martyr archetype is expressed by those who are filled with passion and a sense of purpose. Much like Fighter, Martyrs aligns with the goal and works tirelessly to advance his mission. Martyrs are often unconventional in their belief system, firmly opposed to a more established perspective or mode of action.

There is a rebellious spirit in the blood of martyrs that forces them to question their authority and fearlessly opposes injustice. Martyrs are always ready to join the lines of choice and will not give up until they are heard. They are quick to judge others and gain a sense of power from their mistaken belief that insufficient is always right.

They can be tyrannical in opposing tyranny. Martyrs are hampered by the inability to remain humble because they often believe they are speaking for the masses. They are unable to see the past of their unique calling and easily blind them to the potential of their righteousness.

Leaving oneself in the heart of martyrdom leads to an underdeveloped psyche and a small desire to develop or grow as an individual. The martyrs are attached to an idea and put up blinds. They will live or die from their strict beliefs and put the lives of others before their own.

There is the beauty of the selflessness of the martyrs, but their strength is often overshadowed by inner emptiness. Even in a room full of people, the martyr feels alone.

Receiving the gifts of consciousness

To come to terms with the archetypes that may govern our identity, we must first become aware of them. We have to admit to ourselves who runs the show. They are squats that have settled in our psyche and gained too much weight because of our kind hospitality.

But that’s understandable, because we were uninformed and that’s why we allowed them to progress in our unconscious without resistance. Archetypes are like once dear guests who outplayed their receptions during the holidays or family members who decided to stay another week. Now is the time to mercifully push them through the door.

But how to evict them without rejecting the wisdom they must teach us without compromising the positive qualities of our authentic selves? How do we not throw a child with water in the tub? What I have found in my many years of work as a therapist is that there is no need to worry.

Your essential nature will continue to guide your intuition, and now with much more room to breathe. Not only will your true character remain intact, but he will finally be able to flourish.

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