Choose your spiritual symbol and find out what the purpose of your life is

Look carefully at the symbols in the picture and ask a question about your purpose in this life. Intuitively choose the one that appeals to you the most. The symbol you choose will answer your question.

One of the main life issues of every person is to understand exactly what we need and want to do in this life. For many people, the purpose is obvious and clear. Everyone is born with a set of talents, and through hard training we develop our skills. For others, identifying a purpose is not that simple.

You may have even wondered at some point in your life, “What should I do with my life?” or “What is the purpose of my life?”.

Many people seem to think that the purpose of life stems from special talents that set us apart from others, but that is only part of the truth. The purpose of our life is also connected to our environment.

Also, don’t forget that the meaning of your destiny is not in what you can get from the world, but in what you can share with the world.

If you selected:

Symbol number 1

You are good at organizing and getting things in order. You are extraordinarily disciplined, responsible and diligent.

Your main gift is the strength of spirit and will, which can not but bring positive results both materially and spiritually.

In the physical world you are an excellent organizer and leader, in the spiritual world you are an ascetic and a practitioner.

In a negative manifestation, you risk falling under condemnation and experiencing rejection from those who do not have such a strong will and desire for order. Therefore, your karmic task is to help people who are facing difficulties to overcome obstacles.

Purpose: Every outcome is not only the result of individual will and discipline, but also an example of divine wisdom and order. Everything in the world is natural and in its place, even if it seems chaotic at first glance.

Learning to see and realize divine order in everything is your destination.

Symbol number 2

Your gift is a great creative force. You are a spiritual leader, people are attracted to your light and energy. Your authority is so natural that you don’t have to emphasize it.

They will most likely see you as a leader or law enforcement representative. Such a gift in a negative manifestation can lead to pride and selfishness, and can sometimes manifest itself in the form of low self-esteem and frustration due to endless dissatisfaction with the situation.

Therefore, among the karmic tasks is cultivating modesty, humility, working on the ego.

Purpose: Your authority and strength should contribute to the realization of divine love and harmony in the world. Fame and power in themselves mean nothing, and light always coexists with shadow, in which there is no less meaning and beauty.

It is important to know and accept the inner shadow, to establish a balance of opposites.

Symbol number 3

You are an inventor and an innovator. Everything new and unusual in the world is the work of people like you. In a negative manifestation, this gift can be transformed into insecurity, doubt and denial of tradition.

To create something fundamentally new requires an awareness of complete freedom of choice and action, which everyone is endowed with, but not everyone is ready to use it.

Only aware of this freedom in every phase of our journey can we acquire wisdom and knowledge that will open new horizons for us.

Purpose: Divine freedom means liberation from the conventions of the mind, listening to your Heart, intuitive knowledge, which is possible only in the Divine flow.

By feeling and understanding the Divine Flow, you can create something really great, fundamentally new and necessary for the world.

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