Contacts with UFOs (ancient aliens)

Contacts with UFOs (ancient aliens) The whole topic of such contacts and meetings is filled with secrecy and misinformation, so it is very difficult to draw conclusions about who is wrong and who is right about the truth and credibility of the many pieces of evidence coming from different parts of our planet. From the analyzes and observations so far, it can be concluded that UFOs and the civilizations that hide behind them behave very mysteriously and at a certain distance from our terrestrial one.

‘UFO messages’ very intricate and contradictory

Communication with them is very ambiguous and contradictory, so it is difficult to come up with a theory that would represent only one specific side during these contacts. It seems that they intend to influence human society from a certain distance, without establishing a connection based on clear mutual understanding. There are no formal and socially recognized connections between modern human society and extraterrestrial civilization. The fact is that in most countries, official scientific, academic and governmental bodies do not recognize the existence of such beings and their contact with human society. As a result, knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence is not clearly defined by academic institutions, so the topic of UFOs is free and open to all interested.

But it is clear that in such research those more serious researchers have to contend with a multitude of unprofessional and counterfeit material. Alien beings seem to plan their contacts with humans on their own as they leave very little tangible evidence of how they really exist. Although most witnesses often fall into the category of “verified” people around them, who claim to have had unusual experiences in close contact, their testimonies and statements are often very intricate and contradictory, making it very difficult to distinguish between their credibility and more meaningful conclusions.


Contacts of ancient peoples
It is surprising that the facts from the early history of mankind speak of a completely different approach to the phenomenon of encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations. Among ancient tribal societies, mystical contacts with higher beings were a perfectly normal thing, and some of them are believed and claimed to still exist today. Civilized societies from ancient times also claimed to be in contact with higher beings. In many cases, available material on such relationships from these sources has been celebrated in the category of religious doctrine and includes the unique experiences of several mystically gifted individuals. However, there are also reports of terrestrial societies that had normal diplomatic ties to the hierarchy of aliens and beings from higher dimensions.

This is true and easily verifiable especially in the ancient Vedic society of India. There is an extensive literature describing this society and from it we can gather a handful of data on how people lived and what kind of relationships they had with the majority of non-human society. In our articles, we will provide a brief overview of the worldview as described in the ancient Vedas. From many descriptions we will learn how a clear parallel can be drawn between the forms of the modern UFO phenomenon with the encounter cases described in the Vedas. We will also see how the social organization of Vedic civilization allowed constant contact with higher beings.

We must note that we will present this material in a way that is understood by those who have immersed themselves in the traditional Vedic view. This material may at first seem very strange to persons of Western cultural background, and a certain reticence based on religious or scientific attitude may appear. However, the only scientific way to understand another culture is to try to “enter” the real worldview of the people who live in that culture. Therefore, we should refrain from judging and simply try to appreciate the Vedic material as it is.

Alien Petroglyph
Alien petroglyph

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