Are we entering in the New World?

Are we entering the New World?? – In December last year, we introduced the New Age of Aquarius.  Now we will write a little bit more about the same topic and raised some questions like the one in the main topic. Is the Age of Aquarius already reached today’s society?

One who explores and discovers the society during which we live today. fixing mind all three levels of realization of the spiritual impulse of the Aquarius will come to different conclusions. In any case, we see that the trail of the spiritual impulse of Aquarius, from the start to its perfect revelation to humanity, takes a really while.

Centuries have passed. this is often also the rationale for the various views of Rudolf Steiner and van Raikenborg on the start of the Age of Aquarius.

The very first impulse appears when the first star of Aquarius reaches the horizon, just as the Sun already emits its light before it rises on the horizon.

These are things that van Rijkenborg acknowledged when he spoke about 1908 and 1968 when the primary group of people began to react to Aquarius on an emotional and mental level. The hippie movement within the 1960s may be an exemplar of expressing that fact.

Crystallization of Aquarius

It will pass many centuries until humanity finally sees and feels the advantages of this celestial impulse. It manifests itself as a cultural epoch of humanity, which harmonizes its actions with the Aquarian influence. this is often the phase that Steiner correlates with the year 3574.

This period is that the culmination of the Age of Aquarius. From a spiritual perspective, this era is already bearing the seeds of very crystallization. because the dawn of the new star year is already rising, so is that the Aquarium of the last age within the cycle of the star year, which lasts approximately 26,000 years.

Turning points are always present

The process and phases of discovery and exploring the spiritual impulse is both collective and individual. Humanity as a whole being or as one Human Mahatma Soul goes through that process, just like any individual human.

The Age of Aquarius makes liberating and putting the spiritual possibilities available for everyone – this is what van Raikenborg highlighted, at the spiritual gatherings of the Rosicrucians in the 1960s.

These gatherings were named after the new era: the era of Aquarius:  “Aquarium Conference”. He then explained how seekers should work with Aquarius – rays to follow the liberating path. Which liberates everyone from the point of birth and death.

It’s the path by which human souls are encouraged to spiritual rebirth, helping them to return to their original source of life, the Kingdom of God, where souls are connected to the Spirit of Light.

The Rosicrucians were a group of people who believe that the spiritual path isn’t about the past or the longer term, but the present moment! Anyone who seeks this illumination or liberation and therefore the awakening from the deepest spots of our very being and who recognizes that this world with its cycle of birth and death, isn’t his true home, can find his moment of transformation at any time.

The Age of Aquarius offers those beings a field of completely new possibilities.

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