Modern world REAL problems - DEPRESSION

Modern world REAL problems – DEPRESSION (part I)

Modern world REAL problems – DEPRESSION:

This topic is very “popular” in this modern times. As if the constant state of depression are becoming something normal. You can even hear young children complaining that they feel depressed.

Is it because they are copying what the adults around them are saying, are they absorbing the energy of the depressed adults around them thus become truly depressed or is the lifestyle they are forced to live causing them TRULY to feel that way?

Modern world REAL problems – DEPRESSION <-> ELEVATION

The word DEPRESSION comes from the Latin verb deprimere which means “to press down”. From the 14th century “to depress” meant “to bring down in spirits”. The word itself describes its meaning- TO BRING DOWN, TO DEPRESS.

One of the definitions for depression I praise is: Depression is a STATE of feeling very unhappy and without hope for the future, losing interest about any activities.

But how do we get to that state? Surely we are not born with it! If emotions such as sadness, disappointment, guilt are constantly repeated and the whole being is being immersed in that energy over and over again, those emotions then become a STATE of being, which then results in depression.

If depression means to bring down in spirits isn’t the opposite of it: to bring up in spirits, to ELEVATE yourself? Let’s go through some of the causes which I have identified that contribute to the creation of depression and ways to create ELEVATION of that state.


  1. Disconnection from nature:

We communicate with our environment all the time- we absorb information and energy, which could be inspiring, uplifting and alive or it could be poisonous, draining and zombie- like. From the moment of our birth we are told what to do and who to be- we accept beliefs about what and where we should be and how we should act.

Many of us grow in cities, we are put in desks, forced to sit for hours behind them and after that we are expected to continue our education in university to again sit behind a desk and get a degree to get a job later on to again sit behind a desk.

This is quite unhealthy for us as HUMAN beings- we are part of nature, yet we are cut off it very early on. We belong in nature.

I suppose many of you have experienced greater peace, increased levels of joy and sweet tiredness after spending a day in nature – is that the case when you spend the same time behind a desk staring at a computer for 8h or more??

Probably not. Spending more time in nature will definitely awaken the life within and elevate your true nature.

  1. Disconnection from our true Self:

Remember as kids when you were imagining what you could do when you are old enough to take responsibility, immersing yourself in the beautiful world of fantasy? As a kid you are directly connected with Spirit, with your true Self and imagination is INFINITE!

But later on where are all of those dreams going? Unfortunately as we grow old, yes, we are able to take big responsibility BUT as mentioned earlier we are affected by those beliefs of what, where we should be and with one strong word KILL all those dreams.

In one word we get disconnected from our true Self, our purpose, our joy, our mission here on Earth. We get stuck in a job we might not even like, sitting behind those desks for hours and we lose inspiration( in~ spirit); thus ending up frustrated and depressed.

Getting back to our true core, to what drives us will likely lighten up that fire within and lift our spirits high out of those depressive low vibratory states!


For more scientific research on this check out:




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