The Body is smarter than you think - use it wisely!

The Body is smarter than you think – use it wisely!

The Body is smarter than you think – use it wisely!

How did we fail to see? How did we fail to see everything that nature shows us, the beauty around that should break us and the love that creates us?

We failed to see what God made things are teaching us. It was with God’s will that we are made so perfectly imperfect, it was him/ her/ it never THINKING how he should create a one size should fit all, rather he/she/it gave us everything we need for her/him/it to be expressed in all forms.

But the human mind started dellusioning it all.

As humans we were given all these highly developed systems, bodies, minds. As much as all that is fortunate, there has to be a downside, a consequence, the other polarity and that is the very crazy ego formed.

Our bodies, if observed without the need to solve or make something fake ( fake plastic additional parts and masks) out of its own perfection, function perfectly well. And they can be great guides.

Every cell, tissue, organ and system is not coincidentally made, nor does it exist in vain.
The respiratory system- we take in air, BREATHE IN, but only take in and use what the body needs- O2- the other is transformed in CO2 and with other toxins it is BREATHED OUT.
The digestive system we take in food and the body uses the nutrients, while everything else is taken out as waste, trash through defecation and urination.

The circulatory system transmits all good things, nutrients, O2 to every single cell, while collecting the bad things CO2 and toxins- and takes them out, it brings it to the digestive, respiratory systems, the skin and well to everything in the body made for excreting the waste.

The Body is smarter than you think – use it wisely

When you see it- THE BODY IS VERY SMART. How did we, highly intellectual MINDS failed to see that in order for something to be filled, the trash needs to be taken out? It turns out that the cells and organs are smarter than our mind! They take out their shit all the time in a constant cycle.

Not until they are cleansed, empty can be refilled or would require additional input. How did we miss that it is the same with our mind? That we are filled with shit and illusions that slowly and surely drive us into madness? Bombarded with information.

Oh and because of that, we tend to destroy the cycle and functioning of our own cells, we disrupt their cycle of emptying and filling, of their regeneration.
It is because of our minds that we managed to pollute everything around, for our own convenience, so that in the end our perfectly formed bodies are so polluted that they become out of order. Unable to get rid of the toxins. Isn’t allergy and cancer a new age condition?

Why? We are OVERFILLED, the elimination process for toxic things, food, air, thoughts is rusty, there are so many blockages in what God created it to be.

We ourselves made us sicker than ever. Paradoxically while trying to search for a “cure”, we killed hundreds of testing animals and who knows how many toxins and chemicals were let out in the breathing air, our breath, our life, our natural and real CURE.

And we can only guess what is happening behind those curtains in the labs ” The great scientists”… they managed to make an atomic bomb more than 50 y ago and with everything more developed now, I can say it is anything but good.

The egoic mind tends to attach, identify and resist to let go of well anything… even if it s about that double chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream and extra chocolate on top that has been going on in the head and causing cravings.

But letting go of things and attachments creates space for new things. We have to let go of something in order for something else to come in. We have to let go… of that old favorite torn pair of pants…. of that old toxic friend…. or lover…. and FEAR… ANXIETY… ILLUSIONS….

Every comfort zone for the ego that no longer serves us. It holds us down, it stops our ascension and gets us stuck in a moment. We have to let it go… no matter how long it takes.

“Walk on Leave it behind You’ve got to leave it behind

All that you fashion , All that you make, All that you build All that you break, All that you measure

All that you feel, All this you can leave behind, All that you reason

It’s only time, And I’ll never fill up all my mind

All that you sense, All that you scheme, All you dress up, And all that you see

All you create All that you wreck, All that you hate”

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