Modern world (another) REAL problems - DEPRESSION

Modern world (another) REAL problems – DEPRESSION (part II)

Modern world (another) REAL problems – DEPRESSION

In the first part we opened the topic of depression, where it comes from and what it means. We have worked out several reasons, and now we will talk about two more major causes of depression.

Modern world REAL problems – DEPRESSION


1. Eating unhealthy food

There is no doubt that what we take up as energy from our foods will affect our mental health and state of being. Eating low vibrational, low nutritional, yet calorie dense food will not only fill our fat cells but also clog our arteries, drain our energy and make us feel tired and down.

The body gets overwhelmed with tons of work- processing the high amount of food that is hard to digest, including a lot of toxins. All energy is being driven to the digestive system and little is left for the other processes, including the cognitive ones, to think clearly.

Of course if one is not being able to think clearly, and is without energy, one will be dragged down. Different than that, healthy meals require less processing energy and give you energy thus resulting in more energy for overall functioning, supporting you in your effort to UPLIFT YOURSELF!

2. Negative mindset

There is no doubt that our mindset affects our state of being. Do this one simple experiment: center yourself and take 10 full breaths from the belly. Then think of something, a memory, a situation where you felt very uplifted and joyful.

Notice how your breath, your mind and your body change. After that think of something awful, something unpleasant. Again, notice the reaction of your breath, your mind and body. Completely different eh?!

Our thoughts and emotions are energy that affect our physiology, our state of being. Thus, don’t you think that thinking differently than what you are usually thinking ( negative, low vibratory, self- doubting, fearful thoughts)..

Also replacing it with positive, high vibratory and self-boosting, loving thoughts will change your physiology, your state of being, therefore ELEVATE you from the depressive vibes?! NO BUTS!!

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