Only 2% of People of the world Have Heard this weird sound [video]

Only 2% of People of the world Have Heard this weird sound. There a lot of mysteries out there. This life is quite a miracle. I found this interesting fact few years ago and I really wanted to share with you people. I must say that I’m very into the sound thing, so this is very interesting for me too. So, let’s begin.

Only 2% of People of the world Have Heard this weird sound

They say that there is a sound that only 2 or 3% of the human population is able to hear it. But how is that even possible? Also, there are no explanations for this amazing phenomenon. Nobody knows from where this buzzing sound comes from. Check the video and tell me if this noise sound familiar to you? You can also be one of the few people who can actually hear it.

This weird sound appears all over the world, but particularly in Bristol and the US town of Taos in New Mexico. The sound is often heard inside the houses and during the night.

If you live in a town or city where there is some kind of constant sound like cars etc, you probably won’t have ever heard it since there are a lot of artificial sounds out there that are intertwined and they are interfering it. It appears most often in rural, silent areas.

According some studies, people who are between 55 and 70 years old are those who report hearing this sound the most often. Some of them are hear it at certain times, but some hear it constantly (which is crazy right? ) It can be really annoying and disturb people of doing their daily activities.

Could be this sound responsible for a suicide? Some say – yes! I cannot affirm this, but who knows? People also reported nausea, headaches and even insomnia. Are you one of those? Comment down below please, if so.

An unknown origin

Some doctors said that this sound is actually a type of tinnitus ( my father claim to has this condition) – which is a medical condition of the ears, which sufferers hear sounds that don’t exist outdoors, only in their heads.

These vies have been called into question however, since this buzzing sound appears only in certain, specific places. People who hear it and suffer from it, have also disclaim  the idea that it is an otoacoustic emission, which is a sound created from within the inner ear.

We still don’t know  where it comes from, nor the source of this strange buzzing…

The mystery remains.

Are you one of them?

Wait for part II in the near future…where we are going to explain more about this mystery.

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