The world's great rivers are drying up

The world’s great rivers are drying up. Here’s how they look from space

The world’s great rivers are drying up. Here’s how they look from space. If trees are the lungs, mountains are the bones, then rivers are the veins and arteries of planet Earth. This has been stated by one of my favorite historical figures – Leonardo da Vinci.

The world’s great rivers are drying up

They have always been an important part of human life. We can notice that almost all the largest or most important settlements in the world are next to water, that is, a river, as one of the most important elements without which man cannot exist. There are large rivers in the world on which ships, boats, etc. sail.
But if that river is in the northern hemisphere this summer, you’ll be surprised. Lack of rain and intense heat waves are drying up rivers in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Many rivers shrink along and across. Portions of the river bed jutting out above the water are a common sight. Some rivers are so dried up that they have become almost impassable.

The human-induced climate crisis is driving extreme weather conditions around the world, affecting not only rivers, but also the people who rely on them.
Most people on the planet depend on rivers in some way, whether for drinking water, to irrigate crops, for energy or to transport goods.
CNN provides an overview of what six of the world’s major rivers look like from space right now.


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