Pick your symbol to get a FREE INTUITIVE reading

FREE INTUITIVE reading: Look carefully at these symbols and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Do not try to make a rational choice, let your intuition guide you. The symbol you choose carries a message intended just for you.


1. Fire

Although it looks like a simple triangle, this symbol means much more.

This is a sign that corresponds to the idea of ​​a closed system within itself.

If you have chosen this symbol, you are struggling with something important at this stage of your life.

Fight with yourself. You are troubled by some unresolved conflicts and dilemmas inside.

Find a way to solve them, because worrying makes you miss important things.

And the ones that are bothering you are not as black as they seem.

2. Water

Water is an inverted triangle. Maybe that’s why that symbol caught your attention.

You are an unusual person. You like challenges and creativity.

Talented and interesting people attract you, but monotony is bothering you right now.

You are at a dead end in the creative and emotional area of ​​life.

We advise you to calm down and trust your imagination and instinct – they usually do not deceive you.

3. Air

The air symbol resembles fire, but has a dotted line at the top.

He reveals that you are an overly sensitive person.

You allow external factors to penetrate too much into your soul and influence you.

You can’t please everyone. It’s time to just accept it.

It is difficult for you to deal with your own feelings that are raging inside you.

Relax and accept what you cannot change.

4. Earth

The Earth symbol is similar to the Water symbol, but has a dotted line at the bottom.

You are patient and faithful. Even too much. You prefer to be silent than to hurt others with your words.

But that way you accumulate negative energy in yourself.

This line symbolizes the barrier you have set up yourself.

It’s time to think more clearly and stop pandering to others.

Your opinion, your needs and your wishes are equally important.


5. Creation

This symbol looks like a star, but not quite. There are many more intersecting lines.

You did not choose this symbol by chance. At first glance, people will not pay attention to you.

But once they meet you, they realize how deep your soul is, how much value is hidden in you, how wonderful a friend you are.

Stop underestimating yourself and work on your self-esteem.

You have many qualities and achievements to be proud of.

6. The beginning

This symbol represents exactly what you would expect, but also a little more.

Life is unpredictable and that is its wealth. You don’t know what awaits you tomorrow, so appreciate the present moment.

Aren’t you a broad-minded person with many talents? Ides are just popping up from your head.

Don’t be afraid of trials. Don’t make plans for tomorrow. You enjoy the present.

Stop demanding too much of yourself. Slow down and be proud of yourself.

7. The end

Of course, this symbol is the reverse of the previous symbol of the Beginning, as the end is the opposite of the beginning.

You can force yourself to live a life full of enthusiasm with passion and love.

Think about what you like to do the most and what inspires you.

Relax and stop constantly thinking, calculating, judging everything.

Be more spontaneous and allow yourself to be happy.

8. Terra

This symbol is similar to Earth, but very different. It looks like a ball or model planet with lines.

If you chose this symbol, then you are a person who has attached himself to material things.

You are too dependent on technology, you are a real workaholic.

You need to separate yourself from everyday life, from the hectic lifestyle and calm your heart.

Consider spending a few days outside the urban environment – you will rediscover – yourself.


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