Choose the sun and discover the darkest secrets of your soul

PERSONALITY TEST: Choose a sun and discover the darkest secrets of your soul

PERSONALITY TEST: Choose the sun and discover the darkest secrets of your soul

Different shapes and objects can tell a lot about our hidden traits – that’s why relational psychoanalysis and psychological drawing tests reveal the secrets of our subconscious. We have prepared a small psychological test for you. The sun has always had a special place in religion and culture throughout human history. Relax your mind, look at the picture, choose the most beautiful Sun and discover something new about yourself.

Choose the sun and discover the darkest secrets of your soul


Your special qualities are positivity and the fact that you are always trying to improve yourself. You are not easily discouraged and always try to stand firmly on your feet. Your glass is definitely half full.

Such an approach to life not only makes you adaptable, but also a great friend who will support your loved ones in any situation. You are social, but sometimes you keep things to yourself so you don’t hurt other people. You have many people around you, but only a few truly true friends.


Two things are really important to you – personal space and respect from peers and loved ones. Although you are more introverted than extroverted, you are not distant from people, but more relaxed.

You value simple, good qualities such as honesty and kindness and are always there for friends. That’s why you should beware of people who just take advantage of you. Trust your sixth sense because it will get you out of such situations.


You are smart, curious and brave when it comes to adventures and acquiring new knowledge. You are very honest and transparent, open-minded and judge objectively.

You were born to be a leader of others. They rely on your sense of right and wrong and value your opinion.


Your trademark is endless energy and restlessness. You are torn between a hundred ideas. You are ready to face new challenges and eager to try new things.

You live a loving and fulfilled life. This is what makes you a person with great goals in life and don’t let anything get in your way.


You have an extraordinary ability and willingness to help others who have problems. You love helping people in need and sometimes it seems like you have a hero complex – because who else would be better at saving the world than you?

You are the light and inspiration in the lives of others. You are intelligent, but you won’t always share your thoughts with the world.


People who chose this Sun are generally cheerful, fun and enjoy every moment of life. Every obstacle on your way is a reason to learn something new.

Do not shy away from constructive criticism and always maintain a warm and cheerful mood in society. People perceive you as a reliable person who has a lot of leadership skills.


You are always inspired by new goals and ready to make an extra effort to achieve them – but there are always more of them. One life would not be enough for you to achieve everything. If you want your big dreams to come true – you have to discover which ones are most important to you.

Others perceive you as an energetic and persistent person who never gives up. You positively influence others.


Your patience is admirable. You don’t have a bad memory and you won’t be offended easily. You are an incredibly mature person who likes to think things through in order not to make a mistake.

Although love and other feelings are important to you, they remain in the background of your rational mind and intelligence.

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