Broken or short LIFE line palm meaning

Broken or short LIFE line palm meaning: Many are afraid of this, but here’s what it really means

Broken or short LIFE line palm meaning: On the palm of our hands, we have various lines through which life, the future, and the path of life are interpreted. However, it happens that the line of life is interrupted. Many associated it with something negative, but experts discovered that this is a myth.

Broken or short LIFE line palm meaning:

The LIFE line

The life line on the palm of the left hand extends from the wrist to the left, and on the right hand from the wrist to the right. There is a myth according to which it is believed that people with a short life line will leave this world faster, and some even believe that it indicates extremely risky situations in life. However, the opposite is true.

left palm

If you have a short or discontinued life line, it means that the person will most likely change their place of residence, and most likely it will be a move abroad. Moving to another city, and especially to another country, represents a big change in the life of every person. It implies that you change your job, circle of friends, life and habits. That’s why this life move is written on the palm of your hand, as an important part of your destiny.

In addition to the line of life, the line of the head is also important on the palm, which most often connects with the line of life and indicates a person’s intelligence and imagination, as well as the way he observes the world. Also, the heart line, which is located at the top of the palm and indicates your feelings, is equally important, i.e. if it is long and beautifully shaped, it means that the person has clear emotions that he understands and is sympathetic.

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