Choose a card and find out what kind of September

Choose a card and find out what kind of September awaits you!

Choose a card and find out what kind of September awaits you: We all want to know what will happen to us in the future. The month of September is upon us and everyone is expecting many surprises. These cards will tell you some interesting things about September. Enjoy your choice!

Choose a card and find out what kind of September awaits you


If you chose the first ticket – you will have a month that will not be easy. There is a high possibility that you will find yourself in a situation that in some way pressures you and that requires more energy and commitment from you than you can give. But the truth still hides deeper and more hidden. It’s about the fact that, inside you, there is some program/mechanism through which you put yourself in the position of a victim. The only way to change this is to look realistically at the core of the problem. Then you will understand how wrong emotions, wrong subconscious programs and emotional hungers have led you astray. And that what you do is actually your choice and the people around you are just in the opposite role from the one you put yourself in. The solution lies in facing your own darkness.


If you have chosen the other card – a month of big decisions and important choices awaits you. There is a high possibility that you will come to a wall and that you will have to make some very important decisions. The choice is yours – but I advise you to make the decision from the heart and soul and not from the fears and influence of other people. The solution to your problem this month lies in being completely yourself and making decisions without any negative influences from the environment or your own darkness. Only pure decisions from your higher SELF will lead you to the goal you dream of.


If you chose the third card – you will have a month in which you will have a lot of energy and strength for everything you set out to do. The advice is to calm your impulsiveness because all the steps you intend to take must include your mental field. Which means you need to slow down your overwhelming energy a bit by thinking before you act. In that case, this month can be very productive for you!

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