Are all Americans living in a fictional world

Are all Americans living in a fictional world? (3 facts that will blow your mind) Aren’t you scared to find out why?

Are all Americans living in a fictional world? I think yes. Not all of them, but the majority yes. And by fictional world, I don’t mean a virtual one, even though that’s also true! Every day, a large percentage of Americans spend more time in the virtual world. Stay on this page if you want to find out what I mean by the statement above.

Are all Americans living in a fictional world?

The answer is YES. Not all of them, but the majority, yes. Because if there’s a rule, there’s also an exception that only proves the rule. And by fictional world, I don’t mean a virtual one, even though that’s also true! Every day, a large percentage of Americans spend more time in the virtual world. So what do I mean by the main question above? What’s all about:

1. Americans do believe that their country is the best

Well, I must say – USA is definitely a great place for living, but it’s not the best! And all of the aware Americans will stand for that – I’m quite sure! The United States has its own downsides and imperfections, like every other country in world. In fact, there’s no so-called: “perfect or best country”. There’s NO such a thing! Although a lot of governments try to convince people that their work is the best and their country is the best! Almost NOT EVEN ONE government in the world is totally honest and  wants to reveal their mistakes and admit that they are not perfect as anybody else in the world!

2. USA and “the rest of the world”

I don’t know what they are learning in school (especially in geography class), but most of the Americans suck in geography. There you go some video links to see by yourself:



I have heard with my own ears that they say: “it only exists USA and the rest of the world.” And they behave accordingly. A lot of them literally don’t know about any other country in the world except America, and that’s a very sad and poor state of existence. In reality, there are over 190 countries in the world, and every country matters. There’s no special country or one country is more significant than the other. If you ask me, I see this world as it is in nature: without any boundaries or countries. We should not fight or hate each other because of the land. This planet is our home, and we are one big country called Earth. Why? Because everything is connected with everything else. If we cut the rainforest in the Amazon, it will cause an effect in Japan. If you contaminate the rivers in Europe, it will affect the Atlantic ocean, etc. We must stand and unite together every single day, not just during space probes, wars, or earthquakes.

3. Everything they DO – it’s GREAT

In sports, culture, movies, music, art, politics, space stuff, brand.

Don’t get me wrong! I have a lot of heroes in America. From music idols to movie stars, from aware people to artists. I don’t know where to begin with: Jim Morrison, Nirvana, Metallica, Eminem, Johnny Depp, the list can go on and on..

And they are all just as great as all the other artists, actors, sports, athletes, and musicians from other countries. Yes, I admit that American culture is very influential all over the world, but if something is influential, it does not necessarily mean that it is good, great, or whatever. On the contrary, the mainstream thing (in every possible field of human life) is (most of the time) of poor quality. Maybe it’s not a rule, but you can see it for yourself if you look at all the mainstream music, movies, and mainstream science. And I’m not talking only about the American mainstream thing, but globally.

We can continue with the list, but I think it’s enough for now. Think about all of these statements. It doesn’t matter if you are an American or not. I think that they could be used in almost every corner of the world as a starting point for thinking and criticism. My goal is not to offend anybody. I just take the Americans merely as an example. It could be anyone, from any country. Once again, think deeply about this and share your thoughts with me. Prove me wrong. Change my mind. I dare you.

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