Guardian Angel line on their palm

It is believed that lucky people have the Guardian Angel line on their palm: Do you have it?

Guardian Angel line on their palm. It is believed that all the lucky people have this line on their palm.

There is a belief that a person who has a line parallel to the “line of life” on his palm is incredibly happy. Troubles and adversities always bypass him, and happiness does not leave him throughout his life. Such a line on the palm is rare. It is also called the guardian angel line or the line of Mars.

Guardian Angel line on their palm

This means that a person is under the special protection of his guardian angel and a higher power. It is called otherwise the line of Mars..

People who have this line on their palm are extremely happy. Such people miraculously remain alive after terrible disasters and accidents, have excellent health, do not experience material difficulties, and easily overcome obstacles on the path of life.

If you are lucky enough to have this line on your palm – be grateful to God, fate and your guardian angel.

Variants of the “guardian angel” line on the palm:


Parallel to the life line along its entire length – this is a great sign! A man with such a sign will be protected by his guardian angel all his life.

A small part of the line, which passes by the line of life (barely visible trace or torn off) – life problems and troubles await the bearer of such a sign, which will bypass him later.

On the right hand – the patronage of the guardian angel, given to a person for his personal merits.

It can be good deeds done, or hard suffering suffered.

On the left hand – the patronage of the guardian angel, given to man from the moment of his birth.

Such phenomena are often transmitted through the ancestral line.

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